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Dr. Joe Martini, The Chiropractor To See In Marietta

I’m Dr. Joe and I am pleased to welcome you to our web site.

We want to welcome you to visit our office and let us introduce you to ways of living your life without pain and living with more joy. The gift of healing has been the art of my career for over twenty five years.

Chiropractic Journey

My journey to chiropractic was a path that chose me when I was twenty years old. Throughout my entire childhood I was always outside playing “ball” or generally rough housing like boys generally do. Over time I suffered many mild injuries and the long and short of the story is I ended up with chronic low back pain. As a twenty year old, the pain got my attention when I wasn’t able to stand up straight or walk with pain. Looking for answers and pain relief I tried a couple of weeks of taking pain relievers and soaking in hot baths trying to relax the muscles. After two weeks and still no relief, my friend referred me to his Chiropractor. After three weeks of chiropractic adjustments, seeing the doctor twice each week, I was back playing baseball again!

At the time, I was in between my junior and senior years of undergraduate school and was searching for a career in the health related field. My dream was to help other people and now chiropractic was my answer. As the saying goes with many fellow chiropractors, you don’t call on chiropractic, chiropractic calls on you.

It was the summer of 1982 that I moved from New Jersey to Marietta, Georgia to begin my chiropractic studies at Life University of Chiropractic. After four intense years of studying, I was excited to get started in the healing field that had already made me a new man. I fell in love with the area and began my practice in Marietta.


I am recently married to the woman of my dreams, and we share the same philosophy about health and taking care of our bodies. She is my business partner and practices neuromuscular massage therapy at our office. We have three cats that own us and provide us with hours of entertainment. Our passion is travel and experiencing different cultures. Our goal is to do some kind of physical activity for thirty minutes every day. Healthy food is important to our lifestyle and we are always perfecting our culinary skills because we love to eat!

After over twenty five years in practice, I am still just as passionate about chiropractic care and providing each patient with personalized and effective healthcare.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. I personally look forward to meeting you and learning how we can be of service to you. Give Marietta Chiropractor a call, or email me using the link below and lets arrange a time to explain your options.