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Types of Massage Therapy at Martini Chiropractic

We are committed to providing you with a massage that will improve your mind and body. Each massage is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy:

I have advanced levels of certification to perform Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. Every muscle group in the body has specific therapy routines that may be applied. Areas of special skills for therapy such as:

TMJ dysfunction rehabilitation, internal oral massage, front of throat, face, neck and specific head therapies are used to release myofascial restrictions.

Neck and shoulder therapy:

NMT techniques are paramount to treating long term cervical stiffness, headaches and loss of mobility. Range of motion exercises are combined with the massage as needed to restore movement.

Low Back and Sciatic Pain:

NMT is extremely effective in this sensitive area that 95% of patients have issues with and can be relieved with even a single session.

Swedish & Pregnancy Relaxing Massage:

This gentle therapy will unwind you and send you off into the peaceful state I call, “massage land”. No deep pressure, no worries and total bliss. Snoring often occurs. Recommend for the first massage, can be combined with deeper pressure in areas that have greatest tension. Great for elderly, children, or anyone wanting to simply “chill out”. Massage during pregnancy is always gentle Swedish and are scheduled after the fourteenth week. Moms to be are placed in side posture with lots of comfy pillows.


Your feet will be thanking you for signing them up for reflexology! Based on techniques from the Egyptians and Chinese, that are over 2,000 years old, reflexology will work on trigger points that are related to specific points all over the body. Over 7,000 nerve endings are in your feet! Reflexology benefits include digestion, detoxification, restful sleep, and increased fertility.

Reiki Therapy:

Reiki is based on Japanese methods of “healing hands” that dateback hundreds of years. This therapy is a prayerful and restorative method to put the body back in homostatis after hectic lifestyles, muscle aches, or accidents.

The energy of reiki is held in several positions around the body to restore universal healing, light and love. The practice involves simply laying on of hands on the patient, or placing hands just above the body to bring in and assist personal healing. Reiki is not hands on massage, it is inviting your spirit to relax, heal and unwind with God’s healing power. As a Reiki level II practitioner I acknowledge that I am an instrument in the healing process, with the acknowledgement and thanks are given to God.

Energy and Chakra Balancing Therapy:

Restoring balance to body, mind and spirit is the key to a happy life. Our journey sometimes takes us down roads that leave us in pain, or simply feeling out of sorts. Energy centers, better known as chakras, need to be balanced in order for us to feel whole and complete. This type of therapy can help especially with emotional traumas. Energy balancing can be done by itself or incorporated with a massage session.

Scheduling Is Easy!

Your health goals are my primary goals as your Marietta Massage Therapist. I am happy to answer any questions you have about the techniques we offer. Call us today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey toward a healthier life.